Physical Facilities


At Josco Institutions, our library boasts a comprehensive collection of books by both national and international authors available for borrowing, as well as a spacious reference section stocked with reference books, journals, and periodicals. We take pride in our extensive assortment of national and international journals. Additionally, our college library is affiliated with the Helinet Consortium of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore. This affiliation grants our students access to hundreds of nursing journals and e-books through our digital library.

Study Materials

At the college, students have access to both printed and electronic study materials for their reference and studies.

Lecture Halls

At Josco College, we provide well-ventilated and spacious lecture halls equipped with essential audio-visual aids to facilitate effective teaching delivery by our faculty members.

Computer Lab

A sophisticated computer lab featuring state-of-the-art systems with the latest configurations in a networked environment, along with internet connectivity, is accessible to students for their practicals and project work.

Clinical Laboratories

Our college adheres to the laboratories prescribed by KNC / INC/IAP/RGUHS norms, ensuring they are equipped with modern medical and surgical equipment as per INC standards.


The College is having own Transportation facility for Management workshops, Training’s, clinical as well as rural and urban community training.

National Service Scheme (NSS)

The college is having an NSS unit which is affiliated to RGUHS, Bangalore. The college believes that education is not just education but overall development of the individual. Our NSS team is activity participating in the blood donation camps and National Pulse Polio eradication programmes. We do celebrate Independence Day, Republic Day and other days of National importance with Flag hosting and related seminars.

National Recreation Facility

The college is providing recreation facilities to the students such as sports, games, cultural events etc., We celebrate Christmas, Onam, Diwali and other festivals of religious and cultural importance.

Students Nurse Association (S.N.A)

SNA unit of this college will have to be run by the students for their welfare, conducting seminars & conferences. Students will have to contribute Rs. 250/- per annum. They will have their own Vice-President, Secretary & Treasurer but the President will be the Principal of the college.

CGFNS & IELTS Coaching Classes

The college is providing CGFNS and IELTS coaching classes for all the final year students on request.

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