Hostel Facility

The college provides excellent and separate hostel facilities for both boys and girls.

Hostel Rules

Parents and natural guardian of the students can appoint local guardian, if so desire to meet the students at the permissible days and time. The local guardian can see her ward only on Sunday. In case of emergency permission shall have to be obtained from the Principal/wardens of the hostel. No other person, were permitted to meet the Principal/Management in regard with the students. In case of appointment of local guardian, their entire personal data along with photograph shall have to be submitted. On the request of local guardian if student is allowed to go out of Hostel, the responsibility would be on the parents who appoint the local guardian. Hostel is provided for both Boys/Girls and it is compulsory for them to stay in the Hostel. Night permission to stay outside the Hostel is prohibited. The student will not keep any valuables in her/his room. If any valuable is missing, it will be the responsibility of the student. Mobile phones can be used only in the College Hostel. The permission will be granted as per the rules of the institution on request of the parents or Guardian. If any student violates the rules, will be suspended and fined as per rules. Students are instructed to keep the room neat, clean and tidy. Warden/Officer I/C of the hostel may check rooms at any time and if found guilty may be warned or punished. No student can claim room of choice, electric appliances, almirah, stool & chair etc. other than provided by the institution. All students shall have to follow rules and regulations of the Institution and Hostel. and orders of the management will have to be adhered to.


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